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La coda dello scorpione - Sergio Martino Italian Classics - Complete film

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Mrs. Baumer, widowed after the death of her husband Kurt, due to the explosion of the plane on which he was traveling, he went to Athens to collect the insurance money that the deceased husband had entered her life. She thus comes into possession of one million dollars. But the insurance company which issued the policy instructs the investigator Peter Lynch to investigate if the wife is not in some way involved in the death of her husband. And in the Greek city Mrs. Baumer is brutally murdered by a mysterious murderess, that takes away all the money. The case is followed, as well as Peter, John Stanley, an official of Interpol, a Greek police commissioner, Stavros, and later by a French journalist, Cleo Dupont, who became a close friend of Peter. The story gets more and more entangled due to a series of murders of people who, in some way, are connected to Kurt Baumer. Even the journalist also likely to be killed by the killer, but he is saved with the help of Peter. A series of investigations leads the police to consider the fact that Kurt is still alive and has assembled the whole story just to grab the money. While Stavros and Stanley are Peter and Cleo Keep away on a boat to try to draw out the murderess, the young journalist finds the insurance money in an underwater grotto, which had been dipped Peter. The journalist, caught in the act by Peter, tries to escape, and he is about to be killed by the killer, is rescued at the last moment by Stavros and Stanley, who shoot at Peter. Meanwhile, the two investigators were able to focus on the farce staged by Peter, all done for pocketing the million dollar Kurt.Original language ItalianCountry of production ItalyYear 1,971Duration 95 minColor colorAudio sonorousKind Yellow / Thriller / HorrorDirection Sergio MartinoSubject Eduardo Manzanos BrocheroScreenplay Eduardo Manzanos Brochero , Ernesto Gastaldi , Sauro ScavoliniProducer Luciano MartinoHouse production Devon Film , CopercinesDistribution (Italy) TitanusPhotography Emilio ForiscotMounting Eugenio AlabisoMusic Bruno NicolaiScenery Jaime Pérez Cubero , José Luis GaliciaMorals Luciana MarinucciTrick Mario Van RielCast and charactersGeorge Hilton : Peter LynchAnita Strindberg : Cleo DupontAlberto de Mendoza : John StanleyJanine Reynaud : Lara FlorakisLuis Barboo : SharifTom Felleghy : Mr. BrentonAnnalisa Nardi : presenterTomas Picot : George BarnetEvelyn Stewart : Lisa BaumerLuigi Pistilli : Commissioner StavrosFranco Caracciolo : cycling throughFulvio Mingozzi : Kurt Baumer

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